Pregnant Bella and Dadward

Well written stories about either Bella getting/being pregnant or Bella/Edward having children.

Bella and edward as single parents adopting babys

storys bout ed and bells as singleparent or storys where they adopt babys. i wanna try to find more singelparentstorys , and it always have to be with ed and bells if you find any please write me so i can put them in .especial when ed is the singelparent.

Loving Twilight

ONLY BELLA & EDWARD STORIES.*All Love Stories* and *Lemons*. Stories where; either Edward or Bella is a vampire or both. Their relationship is forced/arranged or is unexpected. Semi Darkward Stories., not to intense. Either Bella or Edward have a child or both do and are trying to make the relationship work. Either one Bella or Edward are teased/bullied/outcast at school, and stories where their relationship is forbidden.