Family Fics (Dadward-Momella etc..)

Daddy Edward-Edward's POV on raising twins, trying to have a sex life again, and being stalked by a obsessed blonde co worker. Being a daddy has never been so much fun. Especially when you have another baby on the way.

 So This is Progress -  Bella, her daughter & BFF Rosalie move to Forks to get away from B's abusive boyfriend and to start a new life. Bella & Edward meet and he falls hard for her. Can she trust/love again with her past? Can Edward teach her to trust him? AU HUMAN CANON B&E

A Stork Delivered my baby- The day that forever changed Edward Cullens life, when he opens his door to find a baby left abandoned on his door step. His life will never be the same as he tries to track down the mother of the baby

All Roads lead straight Back to you- When a secretly pregnant Isabella walked out of Edward's life 4 years ago, he thought he'd never see her again. However, when he receives news that Bella's in a coma, and there is no one to watch her son, will Edward step into his "daddy shoes"? AH/AU

The Bigger They Are - Confirmed bachelor and career soldier, Edward Cullen was perfectly happy with his life. Until a young punk busted his windshield. Suddenly, he finds himself drawn to a beautiful woman with a LOT of baggage. AH/AU

A Start To Forever - Seq. to Just One Night. One night led to their son and a promise of forever, but how much can two people really take. The real world isn't as easy as it may seem. Terrible summary, I know. A/H M for a reason

Mockingbird - Edward and Bella are soul mates and have known each other their whole lives. Bella begins to develop some serious problems, and Edward will try everything in his power to help her. But how will it effect their children and their marriage?

Life in B Minor - Bella and Edward are the most unlikely couple at their California private school. She is the queen bee and he is the soulful musician, but against the odds they fall in love. At 18, Bella gets pregnant and the stresses of the music industry tear them apart. Ten years later, they are brought together again

FRESH - Recently released felon,Edward has a troubled past that lead to him losing his daughter, with Officer Swans' help he hopes to find her. little did he know the trouble that follows her just might destroy them both

Parachute - After finding an abandoned child on the streets of Seattle, Bella Swan raises him for five years as her own. What happens to their life when his biological family is found? AU/AH

Picture_Perfect - Edward and Bella are only together for the sake of their son, but can a family survive through months of seperation?

Breathe_Me - Bella Swan has it all: amazing career, loving family incredible friends. She's a life saver on the outside, but on the inside, pain and guilt rip her apart. What happens when her past comes back to haunt her? DocElla & DILFWard

Playing_Doctor - Young, single dad Edward has not had it easy. What happens when he gets a hard-on for his two year old son's pediatrician, the lovely Dr. Swan? A new life awaits. Written for Ninapolitan's DILF Contest. Rated M for language and lemons